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Dance Categories and Entry Options

Solo   Solo + Title (Ms/Mr. Dance to Inspire)  Duo/Trio   Small Group (4-8 dancers)  Large Group (9-15 dancers)  Line (16+ dancers)  Production  (15+ dancers)

           *All routines are allotted up to 3 minutes in length, except for production which is given up to 6 minutes.

                                                         Additional time can be purchased*

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Ballet: Choreography consisting of classical ballet technique.

Contemporary: Fusion of ballet and/or jazz techniques with modern elements, demonstrating emotion, balance and control.

Acro: Acrobatic/rhythmic gymnastic movements, incorporating dance technique/choreography.

Hip-Hop: Routines consisting of hip-hop/free style dance movements.

Jazz: Routines utilizing traditional jazz technique.

Lyrical: Demonstrating ballet or jazz technique with musical interpretation and storytelling elements through fluid movement.

Modern: Consisting of modern technique and abstract style of movement.

Musical Theatre: Musical, Broadway, or Theatrical style performance interpreted through music, song, spoken word, characterization, and dance.

Pointe: Dancers execute classical ballet technique or contemporary ballet technique wearing pointe shoes with at least 50% danced en pointe.

Tap: Routines executing tap technique & syncopation using tap shoes. Pre-recorded tap sounds are prohibited. 

NEW! Improv Solo: In the improv category, the soloist is entered in the the style of his/her choice. Judges will choose a song in that genre. Dancers will get to listen to 20 seconds of the music before performing a 2 minute improv solo. 

Open: Any dance style that does not fit into the above categories, consisting of a dance style or a combination of styles.

***ANY routine with more than 1 acrobatic progression must be entered as OPEN or ACRO***

Age Categories

Mini:     5-8

Junior:     9-12     

          Teen    13-15         

  Senior:  16-18

Adult      19+

Title Categories

Mini Ms./Mr. Dance To Inspire= ages 5-8*

Junior Ms/Mr. Dance To Inspire = ages 9-12*

Senior Ms/Mr. Dance To Inspire = 13+

* Mini + Junior Ms./Mr. Dance To Inspire may be combined when less than 5 entries are entered per age at an event

Title Entries may bring an 8 x 10 photo to the event that will be displayed at the competition (please drop off at merchndise table at arrival).

Title dancers will introduce their solo prior to performing and will be adjudicated on their routine as well as their verbal presentation. Title entries will compete againest other title entries in their title age category regardless of level.

Age is determined by the age dancer is on the date of competition. Group age is determined by the average age of group members. Studio owner must take care to enter correct birth date into online system. (Director may further separate or combine age divisions/categories according to the number of performers)

Pro-Am: Studio Owners, Teachers, Choreographers, Professional Performers, or past Professionals who are or have been paid income for their services are categorized as Pro-Am and must compete in the Pro-Am category, regardless of the number of non-professional dancers also in the group. 
The Pro-Am category will not be eligible for high score or cash awards.

Student teachers and/or those who are or have been paid less than 1/3 of their income as a teacher or performer may compete with student dancers in a duo, trio, or group. The average age for the entry however, must then be bumped up to the next age category.

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                     Dance Levels
Novice- dances 2 hours a week or less, 2 years of dance training.
Competitive - dances more than 2 hours per week (up to 4 hours),and/or 2-4 years of d
ance training.
Adv/Competitive- dances 5 or more hours per week, and/or has 5 or more years of dance training.

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