A Unique Dance Competition Experience

Dance To Inspire utilizes multiple levels of scoring to help dancers aspire to the next level. Inspiration Certificates will be awarded to dances for their technique and passion for dance. We want every dancer at our competition to inspire and be inspired by others, while being motivated to achieve the next level in their own dancing.Trophies will be awarded for all solos, duos, trios, groups, AND the top 1-3 in each category. Routines 1-2 points away from the next scoring level will be given Runner Up certificates to help motivate and inspire each dancer. Judging is based on technique, execution, adjudication, choreography, and passion for dance.

"This competition was wonderful. My dancers loved the master classes. It was professional and the directors always responded to my emails within minutes. Dance To Inspire is inspiring! Thank you for a great day!

                                                                                    Debi's Dance Studio

                                                                                     Wilmington, MA

     Meet The Judges


Makayla Ferrick

New Jeff.jpg

Jessica Hood

 Jeffrey Jean-Philippe

  Laura Stevens

Susan headshot.jpg

   Ann Dulong Close

Susan Chopourian
 Amanda Gour

Shaniece Cooper

    Taylor Cocco

Meghan Kennedy

Nina pic.PNG

Nina DiPerrio

Camryn Brothers.webp

Camryn Brothers

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 Shaelyn Lelievre

Doug Kolakowski

Demetra Chastang

Lauren Cronin

Micheala headshot black and white.jpg

Michaela Duffy

Alyssa new judge.jpg
      Alyssa Vacca


1.) Are your competitions typically multiple days?

We try to make all of our competitions one day only. In the event that it is more than one day, we will do our best to accomodate any studio that needs to come for only day only. 

2.) Can you explain your scoring system?

Dancers are scored on technique, use of stage, and emotional execution. Each of these three categories can receive 1-12 points.  

3.) How can we view your pricing?

Studio owners/managers must create an account with dancecompgenie (click from our homepage tab). The rates are then available on the right hand side.

4.) Does every dance receive a trophy?

All routines receive a trophy! We also give a trophy to the top 3 in every dance style, age category, as well as the top 10 of the day. We finish every competition with our large "Inspiration award" trophy for the routine that inspired the judges the most.

5.) Do you offer special awards?

Yes, we offer both special awards (inspiration awards) as well as runner up awards. Special awards are acknowledgement for a dancer or routine, whereas a runner up award is given for dances that were 1-2 points away from the next highest scoring level.